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Your Family Visa

With over years experience, I handle family visas for you, your fiancée, spouse, children, step-children, parents, brothers, and sisters. You will be able to travel, work, have a green card/permanent residency, and perhaps one day become a U.S. citizen.

  • K-1 Fiancée Visa: Allows your fiancé or fiancée to enter and marry a citizen within 90 days.
  • K-2 Children Visa: Allows a K-1's unmarried children under age 21 to enter the USA.
  • K-3 Spouse Visa: Allows a US citizen's husband or wife to enter the USA.
  • K-4 Children Visa: Allows a K-3's unmarried children under age 21 to enter the USA.

Clients in the USA and Worldwide

We have clients in nearly all 50 US states and many countries around the world. We have experience with US embassies and consulates around the world.

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